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Policies & Procedures                                               

Passenger Conduct Policy

A-Supreme Shuttle is committed to connecting you with family and loved ones while keeping you safe.  Our trips to each institution we serve are typically great distances away.  You may find yourself in one of our shuttles for several hours during transport to and from an institution. 


To be able to provide you with the best service, we expect all passengers to abide by the policies outlined below during transport on our vehicles. 

    • No Smoking – Smoking on vehicles is strictly prohibited.


    • Eating and Drinking – is permitted on shuttle within reason. You are responsible for disposing of all trash that you produce from consumed food and beverage.


    • Limited Cell Phones Usage – Cell phone use is permitted for emergency use. For leisure phone calls, please restrict duration and volume. Disruptive cell phone usage by passenger(s), is defined by the operator’s judgment. Speakerphone use is strictly prohibited.


    • Audio Devices – Passengers are required to use headphones with all audio devices.  Use is permitted, as long as it is not disruptive to the operator and other passengers. 

A-Supreme Shuttle is not liable for any personal items left on our shuttles during transport, visitation, or other rest stops.


All passengers will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately, and to treat other passengers accordingly. 


A-Supreme Shuttle management and operators reserve the right to restrict and/or refuse service to any passenger that appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Or. in the judgment of the shuttle operator, that passenger poses a threat to the comfort and safety of the operator and other passengers. 


A-Supreme Shuttle further reserves the right to refuse service to any passenger(s) engaging in conduct that could be interpreted as illegal, inappropriate, or disparaging.

Whose behavior may jeopardize the safety and comfort of other passengers. Foul and/or abusive language or comments will not be tolerated. Passengers are expected to conduct themselves in a way that will not inhibit the ability of the operator to perform his/her job as expected. In such cases, refunds will not be made. 



Restrictions may range from short term to permanent restrictions. Anyone permanently restricted from using our service will receive documentation in writing.

Scheduled Trip Cancellations

There are several reasons why we at A-Supreme Shuttle may cancel a Scheduled Trip.  The reasons include (but not limited to) the following:

Insufficient passenger reservations

A-Supreme Shuttle will not operate a scheduled trip if fewer than seven (7) passengers have been confirmed for a trip.

Inclement Weather

A-Supreme Shuttle will not operate trips during weather emergencies or weather conditions that Management considers hazardous and may jeopardize the safety of its passengers and vehicle operators.  Many of our routes include travel through mountains and other extreme terrain.  These hazardous weather conditions in such areas may not be immediately apparent at passenger pick-up locations. 

Prison Facility Lockdown

A-Supreme Shuttle cannot control the operations of prison facilities that we provide transportation to for family and friends.  Sometimes a prison will be unable to accept visitation for various reasons (i.e. lockdown.) 

In the event of a Scheduled Trip Cancellation, passengers will receive a call and/or email.  All online passengers with a receipt number with a transaction ID will be able to redeem another reservation on another trip, free of charge.  This reservation must be made within 4 weeks of prior trip cancellation date.


To reschedule within 4 weeks, call to make a reservation.  

In-Route Trip Delays

Each delayed trip will be investigated by management to assess the factors that attributed to the delay.  Each delayed trip will be treated individually to determine  if a discount will be rewarded.  Management will notify passengers, of all delayed trips in question.  If a discount is granted, it will be issued in the form of a Validated Supreme Slip (VSS)

Cancellation Policy

Effective January 1, 2013, all cancellation fees must be paid online. There is a processing fee of $2.00. Cancellation fee-$10.00 plus the processing fee-$2.00 for a total of $12.00. This fee must be paid prior to your next trip. After making your payment, please keep the receipt number for your records, call us with the last 4 digits of the receipt number as confirmation of payment.

Passengers that have reserved a seat and received a receipt number with a transaction ID number for a Scheduled Trip must notify A-Supreme Shuttle in advance of the Scheduled Trip if you will not be able to travel on such date.  Management will grant the passenger, by mail and/or email, a (VSS)  allowing the passenger to reserve for an upcoming trip date anytime within 7 days from the date originally cancelled.  Any passenger that does not notify A-Supreme Shuttle within the time constrains contained within this policy will not be eligible for a (VSS) There will be no circumstances where A-Supreme Shuttle will reward any cash refund. 

A-Supreme Shuttle will not provide cash refunds for any reason.  The VSS will be utilized for future reservations within its expiration date.

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