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Supreme Shuttle

"We Reign Supreme!"

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A message from Jay

To all passengers who commented and liked us on Facebook:


I really didn’t know that anyone was that concerned with the effort that is put into keeping you connected with your loved one! I sincerely appreciate all of your kind and real words. First, let me thank God for each and every safe trip I am blessed to complete. Next, I’d like to thank all of you for your patronage. This company would not survive without you! The main source of our continued success is our passengers. So, please know the love is reciprocated X 5! I’d like to take this moment to say to all of you who rode with A-Supreme Shuttle at least once.

Over the 2,700 plus trips to Hagerstown, i’ve seen a WHOLE LOT of personalities! I have met thousands of very interesting people, primarily Mothers, Lovers, Family & Friends. I will make a comment to everyone who left a comment on the Facebook page. Only you will know what the comment means. If you wish to share where the comment comes from, or what it means, that’s fine.

Many of you said you enjoy the music. Well, the music is what keeps me going! Those of you who know me, you know I don’t like to talk while on 70 because I zone out. Each song that is played is directly aimed to relax, soothe, put you to sleep, deep thought, or in memory lane. How many times did you say, “That’s my song!” Most of the songs have major significance in my life balancing chaos and calm.

Music puts me in the middle… (~,~)

Most of you, it was a pleasure to meet. Some of you, I wish I never met! Leave your drama OFF the van! Over all, I can look back 10 years and say, receiving the appreciation from each one of you, such as: tips, gifts, cards, letters, emails, CD donations, conversations, transactions, food, advice, criticism, loyalty, trust, dedication, are some of the reasons I give my time and my energy.

There are several people who play(ed) major parts in keeping us on the road. I, in no way can take all the credit…God, Taj, Everton, Cutty, Des, Nanna, Stephanie, Ray, Rupert, Jesse, Jhoney, Trinny, E.J., Mark, T.M.F. Butterfly, Paul, Heather, & Supreme… THANK U THANK U THANK U. Can you believe its 10 years?!?! 









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